A downloadable game

Become deeply immersed and forget the real-life boundaries of the limited VR space. Feel the magic being able to walk naturally without limits. No teleportation. No stick movement. Just you interacting with the VR world. 

Enjoy a constantly increasing number of absorbing experiences as the platform grows. In its current state this is an early technology preview showcasing how already now completely different environments can easily be built. 

Find your way out of an ancient Pyramid in an Escape Room setting or prove your shooting and reaction skills in an intriguing procedural labyrinth. 

At some point in the not too distant future it will also be possible for every creative to build custom levels and easily share them with others. Stay tuned!

This is a passion project out of a dream to create breathtaking, amazing VR experiences only possible in such an environment. There are countless ideas already what could be done with the Out Or Dead engine. 

The most important part though is your feedback. What settings and mechanics would excite you most? What works well, what needs refinement, what should go?

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